What Do Students Say About Research

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Research is a branch of science entailing searches to establish materiality and truth of facts to assert certain viewpoints about issues. Students consider research as important because it enlightens them on certain issues or subjects on which the research is conducted.

Research is part of an exploration into a world of the unknown as one seeks to find details about a specific matter at hand. This makes one delve into a world of knowledge as one is bound to come across numerous facts, which one thought as fiction. In addition, research played an important role in clarification of myths and the vital separation of what was considered as fact by some individuals and what was considered as fiction by others.

The actual conduct of research is difficult because of the presence of many issues, which are at times controversial. Such issues are bound to spark heated debates among students, which at times escalated to confrontations. Such events illuminated the deep views that people hold dear and cannot be convinced otherwise despite any amount of convincing. Moreover, the confrontations also helped people to eliminate the stereotypes, which existed with regard to some issues in society. The research also acted as a tension breaker easing off tensions by providing people to air their views about certain issues, which they held dearly.

Research is more of sourcing knowledge and getting it to prove certain positions and ideas. The use of technology in the current digital age was an important aspect for the students as it eased the whole process and simplified the efforts of establishing material facts, which was mostly done via the internet. The internet proved to be a source of excitement a they found the process of establishing material facts as interesting in the presence of their peers. They found it enjoyable as they incorporated fun in the whole process. In addition, the process of finding out facts as a group was also important to them, as they were able to share ideas and ideals as to the presence of some issues in society. The use of technology in research was vital in the field, whereby they were able to access result form the data collected. This is coupled by the presence of machines for collecting data, which gives the data collectors time to find the specific data needed. In addition, research requires data which is precise and without distorted facts when collecting samples for study.

Some came with data, which did not even at least relate to the information provided, as it was full of discrepancies. Hence, they were able to learn about evaluation of their sources of data. It was made possible by the ability of the students to explore new ways taught to them about how to conduct research. In addition, the knowledge gained form the research might be used by students to better their individual lives. The act of conducting research was also an important factor as it enabled them to exercise authority and direction for the research, Authority in turn enabled them to exercise and experience responsibility. This is vitals because these individuals will eventually learn the aspect of responsibility and incorporate such in their daily lives. There existed a reality and fictional aspect about the topics in the study. These were however clarified by the research as it enabled the students to set out the facts straight in relation to what was right and what was fiction or inaccurate. The students were also able to get a platform for interaction with each other. They were able to learn about new ideas, which they shared in the conduct of the research.

In conclusion, the experience gained form the conduct of research was vital because it enhanced their ability to conduct future research with minimal supervision and support form the instructors. In addition, it also enabled them to become confident about themselves in conducting research on their own. Moreover, the skills gained form the research might prove to be important because in their careers they might be responsible for conducting research, which is a usual activity in many business entities.

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