Why is the concept of death so universally intriguing to humans?

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Why is the concept of death so universally intriguing to humans?




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Why is the concept of death so universally intriguing to humans?


Death is a subject matter from which no one can run away. It is part of the daily lives of both men and women. The concept of death is universally interesting to human beings due to the facts and myths surrounding it. The main reason why this concept is universally interesting is because all people globally talk about it but they do not have a personal experience in it. Something that one lacks experience always has draws kind of imagination and attraction. No one has died and come back to give a record of the experience of death was. This makes it a hot matter of interest as human beings try to find any meaning that is found in it. Death is interesting because those who die do not have the opportunity to talk about it as well as those who talk about it are yet to have the experience of death. This makes the subject matter of death not just vague but also having many myths that arouse interest among people. This fact makes death a subject matter that cannot be fully understood when one has life. A blend of reactions and beliefs is formulated by a consideration of those who have met their death (Amos, 2007).

Reasons Why Death Is Intriguing to Humans

The concept of death is fascinating because the discussion of death is a subject matter that is addressed to the second and third person. At times, it is said that one’s life is best known at the point of death. This makes it an interesting matter to discuss as the living will always strive to learn what to ape and what to run from even in scenarios where their fellow men have died. One can only talk of the death experience that another person has gone through and not his/her own experience. It is interesting because at the end of the road all people will pass away using this passage. Therefore, when one’s time has not come, then they are at liberty to get interested in what eventually they will go through. It is one thing for one to know of his/her death and yet another issue for the death to catch up to them. This is because rational beings would always want to have more life and evade death. Therefore, this creates interests from all people across the globe.

Another key reason for great interest in the concept of death is the human culture and way of life. Many communities across the world value death as not only a passage of life but also a crucial moment in one’s life. This explains why many communities have ceremonies when one dies. Cultural ways of how the dead are handled and taken care of become a great subject of interest. The human race is homogeneous on some few particular matters. This is one of them, for a dead person is still considered by many as not dead but going through a ritual passage for one to move to the next stage of life. The cultures that recognize death as a passage would certainly make the living to be acquainted with this passage. Getting interested therefore becomes part of the cultural acceptance that death is part of life. Human culture from the past has revealed that man has always been interested in learning the concepts behind a person’s death (Amos, 2007).

The irreversibility of death also makes it an interesting concept. All over the globe from history to this day, no human being has died to come back. Death is irreversible, meaning that it hides so many secrets beneath the ground. This makes it an interesting matter to many around the globe. Interest is brought forth here by the imagination of where the dead go after being buried. This may be intertwined by the cultural and religious views that a particular people hold. Something that is difficult to change, particularly if it is a serious issue like this one where one of the community members is gone forever, makes this intriguing. The irreversible nature of death has made it a hot subject to talk about for this opportunity is not found when the observer is the victim of death.

The drama that occurs when one has died always sparks up interest in other people. For instance, the dramatic burial of the kings in Egypt may be a great subject matter. Trying to figure out on the possibility of burying a dead king with living human beings who served him is not easy. Other cases are such as that of Queen Victoria, who emphasized that at her moment of burial, she would be buried with a robe from her husband who was already deceased. This can act as a dramatic incident that was evident in the burial of Queen Victoria (Murphy, 2007). The drama and incidences that follow death varies from one incident to another.


In conclusion, death is an intriguing concept because of the facts that come with it from the previous experiences of others who lived before and died. For instance, it has-been found out that the human head is still conscious for about twenty minutes after one’s death. It is also claimed that over twenty five hundred individuals who are left-handed die from using products meant for right-handed people (Murphy, 2007). In every funeral and death experience, there is always some uniqueness. This is with regard to how people die, how they are buried and their final will is. So many myths and findings have been collected in the archives about death. For death has so many mysteries and these mysteries is where the interest on matters of death is gained.








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