Windshield Survey Reflection

Posted: September 3rd, 2013


Windshield Survey Reflection






Windshield Survey Reflection

One nursing intervention that can result to a positive on the health indicator may involve a patient who is exhibiting extreme difficulty in breathing crackles through lung fields, and exhibits a productive cough. A medical diagnosis, which is very different from a nursing diagnosis, may conclude that the patient has pneumonia. A nursing diagnosis on this particular patient however will include impaired gaseous exchange, activity intolerance as well as fatigue. The nursing diagnosis in this case is more detailed and therefore the consequent care and attention should be more effective, based on the nurse’s diagnosis since they are more detailed (Carpenito, 2008). This is because the nursing diagnosis will focus on the responses to stimuli, as compared to a medical diagnosis that focuses on the disease process. Another nursing intervention that could prove vital in the health indicator involves the identification of a potential risk or problem. A nursing diagnosis in the case of “at risk of aspiration” is a good example of a nursing diagnosis that evaluates the risk of a problem occurring. To make a risk diagnosis, there will be needed to assess the risk factors involved before making an informed judgment. These factors, which may include gag reflex, or facial droop will prompt the nurse to make the diagnosis that will have a positive effect on the health indicator. These kinds of diagnosis are very fundamental because they allow the nursing field to make preventive measures when dealing with patient care (Lundy, 2009).

Community health partnerships can be used in assisting the above efforts through engaging consumers of health care in forums that promote education and the maintenance of good health. These activities can be achieved through health programs that highlight on ecologic and social influences as well as the specific populations put at risk by particular predisposes. Nurses can therefore identify the most probable risks where patients engage in the risky behaviors. Therefore, the nurses are dully prepared.

Cultural diversity is a major is an issue that largely influences the nursing community. Sit can present numerous difficulties when administering quality nursing and care as well as achieving optimum outcomes in health. These influences may include recognizing expert family knowledge and skills, assessing the influence on health and health care, developing competent practices, cultural as well as establishing acceptance and rapport. Diversity in cultural practices ultimately will display differing and dominant ethnic characteristics of disability, aboriginality, and ethnic orientation. This prompts the medical community to establish appropriate practices when attending to a patient with regard to their culture.

Healthy people 2020 indicators are a means of guidelines that set public health issues in the United States. The proposed indicators have been formulated with the intension of helping every individual to have a better understanding of the health status of the entire nation. It also informs people on the changes they have to make to improve their own health as well as the health of concerned family members and the community at large (Lundy, 2009). It also entails sets of objectives on health promotion, disease prevention measures supposed to be achieved by the nation over the new century’s first decade. It also highlights on the wide ranges of priorities in public health as well as specific objectives (Lundy, 2009). The main advantage of this strategy would result in a society that has attained high quality, healthy and longer, lives free from disease; as well as equality in health in physical and social environments. Nurses can play the role of further informing people of this measure and its advantages. Communities educated on the health benefits of this measure are guaranteed to reap the results in a sooner period.

To assist the above efforts and to effect positively the implementation of the 2020 indicator, it requires imperative community health. This can be achieved through a program that endeavors to bring together the health care personnel with the community to share on counseling, rehabilitation services, and referrals. This program should diversify to include individuals to tackle issues from all the relevant areas. This would prompt relevant discussions on the risks involved in deterring the health of the community; constructive activities should be discussed to achieve the set goals of the strategy (Carpenito, 2008).

On my assessment idea, community nursing should is a very fundamental activity that identifies constraints encumbering a particular community. This should be the main objective of the whole exercise. However, this would not prove to easy as there would be a possibility of the community lacking effective strategies to cope with exercise for their health problems. To cater for this problem, I recommend an establishment of a support group within the society itself to encourage participation in the exercise. The same support group has to be mandated with the task of identifying the available communal resources the nature of their respective ownership. This would assist in finding effective ways of using these resources to solve the problems at hand. There are numerous community health partnerships that can be essential in interventions related to nursing and each diagnosis. A communal plan on treatment methods in partnership with the society should be established to educate the people on their health as well as negative effects of certain practices. For example, teaching women on issues pertaining to reproductive health and birth control (Carpenito, 2008). This would act as a catering point in the knowledge deficit that acts as a huge barrier. Diversifying in cultural practices is very fundamental in the community health. This will be able to define the manner in which care will be granted to a particular population. In addition, the longer a nurse continues to work in the same community, he or she becomes acquainted with the practices and habits of the particular community. Both parties will therefore become familiar with each other and their ways of thinking (Carpenito, 2008). If this is the case, delivery of medical services and care will become more efficient.



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