Women in the society

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Women in the society

Women’s role in the society has been undergoing an evolution because women were regarded quite differently from how they referred to and treated by the society. This can be attributed to the presence of the globalization and modernization aspects in society as new views about women are usually imported from other cultures and society. Different cultures have different perceptions and views as to how a woman should be treated; most of these views have been because of the huge influence that culture has had on the mindsets of certain societies especially those that existed in ancient periods.

In the ancient periods, women had distinctive roles as caretaking of families and bringing up of children. Thus has however changed owing to the rapid modernization of societies as people become more conscious about their need and wants in life. People have relegated their cultures to those still existing in villages and in rural settings. Modernization has created new societies, which are only made up of people who are self-centered owing to the presence of challenges and hardships in society. Everyone in life has a dream of maybe becoming the riches t person in line or the dream of becoming successful individuals to rid off the public humiliation associated with belonging to a lower social status. With reference to the article about the Boomtown Girl, the people of China and especially women can be summed as to have abandoned their traditional roles and assumed roles that were traditionally regarded as men’s roles. This can be explained simply as the effect of rapid growing economies that have availed new opportunities that were not present in the ancient or traditional societies. Ma Li who is the main character talked about in the story abandoned her traditional way of life that was usually the norm in her village for women to get married without the need to seek material wealth. However, in her case, Ma Li who has experienced a life of abject poverty and lack of freedom in choosing the preferred direction her life should take.

Ma Li moved to the City of Shenzhen in search of new opportunities that have been predominant in the Chinese cities due to their rapid growing economy and more so the presence of many industries in these cities. In the city, Ma Li finds new independence, as she is able to make individual decisions without the presence of older relatives or family to instruct her to do. In Shenzhen, she happens to meet an old man who asks her to join her in Hong Kong and help her find work. She is faced with the dilemma of whether to follow an old man who she barely knows in promise that he will help her find a better and well paying job in Hong Kong. This is a clear indication of the erosion of moral values that were present in the ancient Chinese culture. Ma Li is willing to sacrifice her existing career and her dignity in pursuit of a fast life with high earnings. However, her life in Shenzhen can be described as full of opportunities as she has the potential of growing in her current place of employment or she has the choice of moving away with the old man who fancies her. Ma Li can also be said to be identical to the women in the Rofel. They are perfect examples of the quest for material wealth in china and more so around the world. They are a vivid illustration of the newfound independence provided by new job opportunities, which have enabled them to establish their own social statuses and standards.

New china can be identified by the presence of opportunistic women and men. Women in China such as M Li can be described as the perfect example of opportunists as they only seek material wealth without worry for their lives. The old man when he refers to her as fat considers her in an utterly sexual way. The fusion of ancient cultures with modern-day life is what modern cities in china can be described as due to the presence of empowered people and more so women. China has been at the forefront of a cultural revolution as women abandon their ancient lifestyles in pursuit of material wealth and social statuses. Some have vowed to refrain from marriages and the role of becoming parents in quest for material wealth through careers or business. Such are achieved at any cost by these women

The reasons behind the newfound freedoms of women and their great independence can be attributed to the presence of a new order that is utterly consumptionist and cosmopolitan in nature. They are marked by the presence of new identities, which seek to fulfill individual aspirations at the same time fulfilling the need by the new governments to offer labor and create employment for other people. In addition, the Chinese women contribute a lot to the formation of a new cosmopolitan society that has new identities as it is marked with equality among both men and women. It is the quest for social identities, which has added to the growth of Chinese culture and society. This can be summed by the presence of new ways of ding things.

People do not find the traditional way as appealing or more so relevant in a world that is slowly achieving globalization. From a global perspective, women have assumed roles in society, which were not traditionally meant for women. Despite these new role women still are considered as sexual beings with some seeking high careers in return for sexual favors. Women also seek these social statuses and moving from one place to another in search of employment is not a mere act of looking for employment opportunities but an act which is meant to derive pleasure for these women who are considered as ‘restless’ because of their tendency to move from one place to another. The influx of women from rural settings and men also is in one way driven by the need to look for gainful employment, which might enable these individuals to seek earnings to sustain their families who live in abject poverty in the rural areas.

In traditional China, it was difficult for any woman to deviate from her traditional role of taking care of families or households. In addition, the quest for individuality in the light of a communist history that did not regard women as having any significance in society but to rear and take care of families that these new breed of Chinese women has fueled the growth of women seeking careers and successful business ventures. Moreover, these women clearly illustrate their need to free themselves from the inequality that marked historical China by showing that they are equally equipped with skills and drive to compete in any business or career segment. The quest for individual identities is not marred by the presence of communist ideas, which were predominant in the traditional China.

Moreover, the presence of new opportunities is another factor, which has contributed to the newfound social statuses of women in a society that had a history of inequality for between political elites and ordinary citizens. Thus its can be described as an after effect of communist society which seeks to break away form the historical injustices. Moreover, laws, which were instituted during the post communist era, attributed to the growth of women due to their advocacy for equal rights for the women. The growth in education for women in the socialist era led to large numbers of empowered women who had the ability to navigate the heights of corporate society as well as the heights of political power and governance. The previous regimes such as the Maoist regime laid emphasis to the importance of women in the society and growth of a country, this enabled provision of equal opportunities for women in employment, government and education, which acted as a form of motivations for these women. Despite the presence of traditional sexist prejudices against women, they were motivated to obtain equal privileges, which the men enjoyed. Self-accomplished women with highflying careers were able to attain control over their sexual, emotional and material aspects of their lives because they were able to dictate what they wanted. This was also fueled by the rapid growth of cities across china due to high demand for products from across the world. Hence coupled with the presence of women with ample education they are able to seek employment in high paying careers.


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