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Posted: August 6th, 2013

World Cinema

            World cinema is a term used to refer to films by non-English speaking countries whose approach and content is different from that used in the making of Hollywood films. It is also a term that one can use when referring to foreign films from other countries other than one’s own, not considering the native language of the individual (Curran, 1989). World films tend to have artistic values and a realistic portrayal of issues as they happen in the real world, as opposed to the Hollywood commercialism that American or Westernized cinema films have. Hence they are viewed as anti-Hollywood as their values and their approaches divert from the expected Hollywood portrayal.

World films take an approach whose aim may be to raise awareness to a certain virtue or an existing vice in the society with the aim to invoke action leading to the betterment of the situation. It may also aim at spreading awareness on the diversity of cultures between societies aiming at increasing appreciation for diversity or its aim may be merely to increase knowledge of the issue of cultural diversity to an ignorant society. Thus, world films can be viewed to have a moral aim behind their creation other than the generation of revenue.


One way in which globalization has influenced the post modernization theory in filmmaking is the increase in co-production with transnational cooperation occurring. A film producer with the art in filming will receive funding for the project from a different nationality making film production less dependant on one’s nation. This has led in the increased difficulty to distinguish between films from different cultures, as there is a merging of the foreign filming industry and American or Hollywood filming with each adapting some aspects from the other. This has led to art film producers targeting the international mainstream industry dominated by Hollywood rather than sticking to its usual circle of art production. Therefore, it is clear that development in film production techniques and trends has led to the significant growth in theories associated to the filming industry.

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