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Question One

Worldview can be defined as the overall or the comprehensive perspective of a person in relation to believes, attitudes and ideas about life and the world (Rasbult, 2011).

Question Two

According to Christianity, the world is believed to have originated from God. Christians all over the world believe that God created man and woman. Additionally, He created the world in which man and woman would live in and procreate. This worldview has emanated from the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter one (American Bible Society, 1976).

According to the worldview, Christians believe that people have a distinguishing element from the rest of the animals. The Christian worldview about identity is that people are created in the images and likeness of God. Additionally, they believe that human beings are the children of God. This is also true as portrayed in the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter one (American Bible Society, 1976).

In the beginning, God had a purpose for man. However, after some time the human beings started to misbehave making God to send His only son Jesus. Jesus came and died for the sins of people. As Jesus was ascending to heaven, He told the Christians to spread the word of God (Tackett, 2011). According to the Christian worldview, their purpose is to spread the word of God to those people who do not know.

The world views morality as relative while Christians view morality as absolute (Coy, 2008). The worldview on morality means that people have room for errors. On the other hand, Christians believe that people have to be righteous. This means that people have to be morally upright. Therefore, the Christian worldview of morality is that people must be morality upright despite the predicaments facing them.

Christians believe that their destiny lies in heaven. They believe that God has a place well kept for them in heaven. According to the Bible, those people whom serve and Love God unconditionally have a place preserved for them in heaven by God (American Bible Society, 1976). Therefore, many Christians believe that their destiny is to serve and love God at all times so that they can go to heaven.

Question Three

The biblical worldview can certainly change the way one thinks of certain things in the society about his or her life. The Bible worldview has totally changed the way I think, speak and treat others. This is because it teaches us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Additionally, the Bible has changed my view on the career that I would like to take in future. This is because in the Bible it states that at all time man is expected to serve the Lord (American Bible Society, 1976). Therefore, the career I choose must be involved in serving the lord.



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