Written Assignment

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Written Assignment

Issue 13: Does Facebook Have Generally Positive Psychological Effects?


It has positive results as it enhances self-esteem of individuals due to self-presentation.

Some psychologists view the use of social media such as Facebook aid in self-expression and management of relationships because people find it easier to communicate on such platforms.

● the use of social media such as Facebook accrued many benefits to the users because it enhances intimacy as people enjoy privacy in the communication.

● Psychologists view Facebook as having positive effects as it decrease loneliness and depression as the user is able to interact with numerous people and form relationships leaving little room for depression (Slife, 254).

●Self exposure enhances social skills, thus an individual is able to communicate in the same way in future relationships

● Facebook is full of vital information, which might be beneficial to health, business or career choices for users of Facebook (Slife, 284).


On the other hand, psychologists view Facebook as a cause of loneliness and depression because social platforms like facebook offer a platform for cyber bullying and other forms or harassment.

People who use social platforms such as facebook face risk of immoral sexual content via cyber sexual contents.

Use of Facebook leads to lower self esteem because people have and ideal self who is portrayed by the facebook profiles which is usually different from the

The author argues that adolescents do not have self-regulation as they are not mature hence they are vulnerable to inappropriate advertisements which might influence their decision at present and in future times (Slife, 274).

The author also views adolescents as vulnerable to self-exposure by providing even minute details about themselves to please others leaving themselves at risk f manipulation or abuse.

. Young children or people are exposed to inappropriate ways of conducting themselves, which influences how they act in future.

Issue 14: Are All Psychotherapies Equally Effective


All types of therapies have their unique strong points

● Different types of therapies use different approaches hence their effective varies from one type to another hence each type accrues different benefits from its use.

Techniques among different methods of psychotherapy ensure the delivery of varying results from treatment.

Treatment using various techniques is usually does not have effects on a patient but the effects of various treatments used are evidenced by the presence of common factors.

● The meta-analyses in the chapter show little variations in the different treatments, only the approaches can be called as different (Slife, 281).

Treatment should not use one type of psychotherapy option but should include more approaches to increase the rate of success of treatment.


Various methods using varying techniques ensure the achievement of different results because they use different techniques as they meet the symptoms differently.

The use of various techniques in treatment by psychologists ensures the achievement of varying results among the different methods applied in treatment of a specific ailment or behavior.

The results indicate that no actual approach of treatment can be applied in treatment of all ailments because the ailments differ in complexity and factors, which lead to such ailments.

The use of meta-analyses emphasizes the use of various factors, which results in better treatment than the use of single approaches of treatment.

Good and effective techniques should be preferred over other ineffective ones because they result in positive results after use in the treatment of their patients.

Concrete evidence shows that some techniques have positive effects in comparison to common factors depicted by the patient.

The use of internet-based communication has had both positive and negative effects on communication as well as psychological aspects of individuals’ lives. Platforms such as facebook have had negative as well as positive effects of people’s lives and transformed the face of communication. Facebook is one of the largest online social platforms around the world. It has enabled people from various regions to communicate on an open level and share issues, which affect them either on an individual basis or on a public level. Facebook has helped users to communicate freely without fear or shame. People are able to share with others both strangers and friends about issues affecting their lives. This has enabled people who use facebook to cultivate a high level of openness about issues affecting them. However, such openness has a downside as it provides people with manipulative intentions to take advantage of people exercising such high levels of openness.

Facebook also has enabled people in online relationships to cultivate intimacy. Despite the presence of intimacy in relations, such relationships are usually formed by people on their ideal selves. Hence, they are not factual or real information about these people in these relationships. The presence of intimacy also makes people prone to manipulation or harassed sexually by people who have intimate details of them. The use of facebook also accrues increase in self-esteem of individuals in social platforms such as facebook because it enables these people to have a general sense of self-importance after the process of creating friends (Slife, 280).

Various forms of psychotherapies have different results for the sick person in question. Psychotherapy does not guarantee total treatment of mental illnesses or behavior but acts as form of deterrence to the extreme of certain unstable mental behavior. The research entailed in the chapter indicates lack of superiority in any method or approach in treatment of all ailments. This is because all methods applied in the research indicate the presence of various factors, which characterize the different ailments. Hence, it can be concluded that no method is better than the other is as they all influenced by the different circumstances, which led to the specific ailment or behavior. Effective techniques are likely to positively impact the treatment outcomes and therapy relationships between those involved in treatment (Slife, 284). Hence, good technique should be identified before commencement of treatment in relation to the specific type of ailment depicted by the patient to ensure maximum benefits and effects for the patient. There is need for more study on the techniques, which are usually present in various treatments to establish the necessary changes needed on these techniques to make them better and improve their outcomes. Thus, there is no conclusive evidence that a specific approach can be used in treatment of majority of the mental ailments depicted by individuals because factors for treatment vary from one ailment to another.

Work cited

Slife, B. D. (2012). Taking sides: Clashing views on psychological issues. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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